In our on-going mission to be the Hands + Feet + Voice of Christ in our world, we have always gravitated toward one “signature scripture.” The Feeding of the 5,000. It seems no matter the ministry work we connect with, it becomes about making sure people are fed in every way conceivable. That we will provide the table, the nourishment, fellowship, and respite. That there is a place for them and everyone is welcome.

You are invited, too. Please take what you need and if you’re interested in engaging in or supporting one of the ministries below, let us know!

Second Offering

Each month, our Second Offering benefits groups we have built relationships with and who value the dignity of every human being. On the first Sunday each month, we collect a free-will offering at our breakfast, to benefit our partner for the month. Baggies in our bulletins each week help with the financial support of those groups. What we’ve found is that by tying all of these pieces together, we are seeing a marked increase in our outreach monies AND engagement with ministries that were previously known to only small groups of parishioners. You can donate to our designated beneficiary each month here.

Faith & Grace Garden

What started as a little plot of land with a few plants to a food pantry garden. Volunteers sow, plant, fertilize, weed and harvest a garden each year that has produced as much as 16,000 lbs. of food for local food pantries. Volunteers are from the church, the local community – including schools & neighbors – and Bhutanese neighbors that come through Lutheran Services in Iowa. Visit the Faith & Grace Garden website for more information.
Contact: Mark Marshall,
or Tim Goldman,


The FreeStore is an outreach begun at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church that provides household items and furniture free of charge to women who are referred by Iowa domestic violence services and to families in need from other social agencies for a nominal fee. It is entirely run by volunteers with no paid staff. Volunteers are always needed to pick up furniture, organize items in the warehouse, greet clients, help clients move furniture to their new locations, and raise funds. Visit the FreeStore’s website for more information.

Canned/Boxed Food Donations, Casseroles, and Helping the Homeless

Food Donations
We encourage our parishioners and guests to bring canned/boxed food each week for donation to local food pantries. Suggestions can be found at and WDM Human Services/Current Needs.

Casserole Ministry
St. Timothy’s feeds our community through a number of ministries. One such ministry has likely been part of St. Timothy’s from the beginning – preparing casseroles.  Parishioners have continued to prepare casseroles for use by the Salvation Army’s local mobile canteen, local food pantries, the local domestic violence shelter and Hope Ministries.  From 2006-2021, 27,609 casseroles have been delivered to the hungry.

Prayerfully consider participating in this blessed ministry! For information about how this ministry works and how you can join us, please contact Scott Andrews at:

Joppa collaborates with community partners, helps homeless people access existing resources, and mobilizes private donations from families, churches and organizations to meet unmet needs in homeless services, housing and education. As a congregation, we support Joppa with meal prep one weekend each month for our youth, recognize them as a 2nd Offering partner during the year and share seasonal need suggestions for the homeless in our community.

Faith & Food Fund and Friendly Freezer

The Faith & Food Fund is a pool of money we use to help neighbors in immediate need of food. It can take the form of cash or something like a Hy-Vee gift card. Donations are accepted at any time. Our Friendly Freezer also supports these  neighbors by providing a prepared and frozen casserole, soup, or one-pot meal. Contact Deacon Jeanie Smith at for more information.

Backpack Ministry

This ministry began as part of our connection with the Youth Justice Initiative Study Table Program. YJI families identified as “food insecure,” and supported by this ministry, typically receive a large backpack is filled with groceries and many times additional bags to supplement the need. You can learn more about the Youth Justice Initiative at