Where in the World is God?

St. Timothy’s is developing a unique curriculum designed to give our children and youth a chance to live their faith by being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in this world and THEN to learn why we do what we do.  We experience and follow the experience by putting it into context of scripture, tradition and reason.

This approach gives kids an opportunity to see how a homeless shelter works and meet some of the people it serves; to sort donated food for Des Moines Area Religious Council’s “Move the Food” location that stocks 13 food pantries in the Des Moines metro area; to do a simulation at one of the food pantries; to meet and talk with people who have been released from prison and find out the difficulties the face; and many more experiences.

Over the course of the school year, we aim to include 6 – 8 “experiences”.  We then use the remainder of the sessions of our Christian Formation Sunday morning time to discuss these experiences and give the kids background in our faith-based response.


(Grades 5-6)
A follow-up program to Godly Play, this self-developed curriculum focuses on teaching our kids to read the Bible and think about what it might really mean for them.  Each child is given his or her own New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, so he or she can feel free to mark passages that are meaningful, note questions, and otherwise make it his or her own.  Each week, the teachers have the kids read stories, talk about what they mean and explore various ways of viewing the same Bible text.

Contact Heather Preston at 225-2020 or formation@sttimothysiowa.org