K-3rd Grade: Godly Play

Held from 9am to 10am before the 10:15 am service on Sunday mornings.

This type of class is interactive with the children. The storyteller will use objects that represent aspects of the story and make it easier to visualize for them. The teacher will end with “wondering” questions to help the children try to connect with the story in their own way and find their own way into their own faith.

4th-5th Grade: Welcome to the Bible Class

Held from 9am to 10am before the 10:15 am service on Sunday mornings.

Each child will get their own Bible and as a class we will read sections of it. We will stop and let the children explore the stories they know in the way they were actually written and with more detail.

Children Living the Word

Held during the 10:15 am worship service on Sunday mornings.

Intended for children who are not yet ready to sit through the worship service (approximately pre-k through 4th grade), CLW is a mini-liturgical lesson combined with showing our children how we become the “hands and feet of Christ” in our everyday lives. Each month our church has a charity be a “2nd offering partner,” and we accept offerings for that charity. We try to incorporate this into CLW by discussing the charity’s mission and purpose and then read a children’s book that helps them understand. At the same time, if possible, we try to also incorporate a piece of the week’s liturgy. Finally, we have our “hands and feet” piece that is related to that Sunday’s partner. We have made casseroles for the Salvation Army, made scarves for the homeless, made cards for shut ins and those hospitalized, painted a painting for the Women at the Well, planted and harvested food in the garden, and more. We do everything with the intention of showing our children what it means to be a kind human.

6th – 9th Grade: Pre-Confirmation

Meets on Wednesday evenings (check newsletter for exact dates). We are exploring faith, the Episcopal tradition, and the community of St. Timothy’s through life together and through worship. Some of our activities include:

  • Wild Church: a walk to a park or mission to spend time there in worship, work and play depending on the location.
  • Justice Journey Pilgrimage: a deep study of a social justice topic, along with a trip to relevant locations to gain a deeper understanding while enjoying fellowship.

For more information about Children’s Formation at St. Timothy’s, contact Heather Preston at formation@sttimothysiowa.org.