Weekly Wednesday Morning Study Ideas and Experiments:

Ash Wednesday Reflection 2021
Spiritual Practices Syllabus
Lent 1 Study Notes
Lent 2 Study Notes
Lent 3 Study Notes
Lent 4 Study Notes
Lent 5 Study Notes
Daily Devotion in the Morning

(Others will be added here as they are distributed during future sessions.)

Feel free to join us on Wednesday mornings at any time during Lent. Each week will be self-contained, and you can participate in as many as you like.

Easter Memorial/Thanksgiving Flowers Order Form

Lenten Resource Library

Anglican Prayer Beads

Are We There Yet?

Holden Evening Prayer

Jesus Prayer

Labyrinth 1

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 3

Labyrinth Covenant Christian

Labyrinth Crawl Information

Lectio Divina

Leonard Bernstein, Chichester Psalms

Litany of Penitence, Book of Common Prayer

Spiritual Practices List

Taize Chant:
Taizé – Jesus, Remember Me
Taizé – Bless the Lord
Ubi Caritas Taizé

Meditations from Sanctified Art

During Lent, we are typically provided with great resources for those who would like to engage with a daily devotional.
Please consider using this resource as a spiritual practice during this Holy Lent.

If you prefer a printable booklet version, use this link.