St. Timothy’s Preschool is a nonprofit, state licensed program administered by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, West Des Moines, Iowa and supported by a parent-teachers group.

The St. Timothy’s Nursery School first opened its doors in 1961. Originally started by a group of mothers who volunteered their time, the school quickly filled. In 1968, the first paid staff was hired. In 1984 the 3-year old class was added. In 1985, the name was changed to St. Timothy’s Preschool, and today this preschool is one of the oldest continually run preschools in the city of West Des Moines.

The Preschool provides many wonderful activities for the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of the children by using developmentally appropriate practices.

To learn more about St. Timothy’s Preschool, we encourage you to visit their website and Facebook page.

St. Timothy’s Preschool Website

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