The Children’s Ark

Children from 3 years old until they enter kindergarten
Sundays 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM during the program year; 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM during the summer
Located in the Children’s Ark room at the east end of the Nursery

The Children’s Ark is a Christian education program designed specially for our youngest learners.  The children gather for the Ark at 9:45 AM (9:00 AM during the summer) on Sunday morning and select play materials such as play-doh, sewing cards, beads to string, or books to read and we have informal play time.  At 10:00 (9:15 during the summer), the children gather around the Prayer Table for a simple service of worship and singing, followed by a period of instruction which includes story telling using concrete materials made of cloth, wood or felt. The children learn many Bible stories and songs, as well as being involved in age-appropriate activities that keep the children occupied and happy.  The goal with these young children is to allow them to experience God while learning about God.  It involves helping children worship in a special place to prepare them to worship meaningfully with the full congregation.  The children have an amazing capacity to feel the presence of God around them, and adults learn about faith by watching them.  Children present their offering in the sanctuary and are then excused to join their parents for Eucharist.

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