April 25 Update

Thank you for your patience as we are still in the final steps of this confidential process. Currently we are tracking with the updated Rector Search Timeline. As always, your support is very much appreciated; please keep the search process … Read More

March 18, 2022

While we await the results of the required background searches, candidate interviews with the Vestry and Bishop Monnot have been scheduled. The Vestry is utilizing the parish survey results we received last July as well as recommendations from the Diocese … Read More

February 22 Update

Many thanks to the Search Committee for their hard work and dedication over the past year as we search for St. Timothy’s next Rector. In January, the Search Committee gave their recommendations to the Vestry, thus completing their work for … Read More

December 2 Update

Search Committee members began interviews with candidates to become our next rector this week. Following these initial interviews, we will determine if follow-up conversations will be helpful. We are doing our very best to have candidates to the vestry by … Read More

November 5 Update

The Search Committee has received applications from those interested in becoming our next rector and now the hard work of reviewing them, deciding what questions to ask and who to visit begins. Deacon Jeanie shared the evaluation templates used by … Read More

October 28 Update

Next week should be a significant milestone in our search process when we receive applications from those who are interested in becoming our next rector. We believe our parish profile, portfolio and video present a persuasive case for attracting good … Read More

October 22 Update

The diocese has informed us that applications received thus far are currently being vetted. This involves the Iowa Diocese consulting with the bishop in the diocese of the applicant to ensure there are no “red flags” involved with the person’s … Read More

September 3 Update

The diocese has confirmed receipt of our search materials. The next step will be to place ads for our position in both Episcopal News Service and The Living Church. Using both publications will ensure we cast a broad net for … Read More

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